Why you Should Follow Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Tattoo enthusiasts go for tattoo designing on this skin for many reasons. But, the top most reason is to get a look that will grab maximum attention. They are in vogue these days. Especially, the teenagers are more inclined to get this body art designed as they like to keep themselves updated with the latest trend.

While you are getting a tattoo designed, ensure that you follow precautions before and after the designing is done. Tattooing result in breaking of skin and also cause bleeding. There are chances that wounds may develop or infection is caused. Further, infection at the site can cause permanent irregularity, scarring, severe sickness and even death.

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Useful Tips for Choosing Best Tattoo Parlours in Delhi

Useful tips for choosing best tattoo parlours in delhiTattoos are recognized these days as great items for fashion. Though they are one of the most ancient forms of body art, they have undergone many aesthetics movements over the years. Tattoo lovers would always love tribal, retro and motifs, but the best tattoo artists in Delhi have brought a lot of new designs for that flattering look and feel.

Some of the popular tattoos that you will find in reputable tattoo shops in Delhi are color, portrait, religious and tribal tattoos. These tattoos styles and designs would never go out of fashion. The design of this great artwork fuses powerfully to create a magnetic feel.

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Weird and Original Tattoos are Awesome

Today was fun because our first client was a writer friend of mine, Aditya Bidikar, who writes some very weird and wonderful stories here: http://dailyfiction.net/

He was visiting from Calcutta and while he was in Delhi he wanted to get a tattoo that looked more like a doodle than a classic tattoo and that’s why I loved it so much. It was a tattoo that expressed his personality… he was getting it because he wanted a cool tattoo…but it had to be HIS idea of cool…slightly far out and freakish…and fun…

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Funny Tattoos

Here are some fun tattoos for you…though seriously some of them leave me with the question… “why?” …. takes all kinds of people to make up this world. :-P

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What is a Tattoo Worth?

One of the things that I find a little frustrating is how many clients land up in the tattoo studio and expect tattoos to be cheap.

We charge the same as any high end tattoo studio in New Delhi, and compared to what it would cost you in other countries it is extremely reasonable.

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